About us

Circular Sourcing was started by A.BCH founder Courtney Holm in 2018 after experiencing a major shortage of accessible, circular raw materials on the market.

Holm began organising shared group purchases of bulk materials to share with higher MOQs and later expanded to include online retail for small businesses.

Circular Sourcing has grown from a small Etsy store to a popular sourcing hub where anyone from students to home sewers, craftspeople and small businesses can source with an MOQ of 1. Additionally, Circular Sourcing can offer wholesale to businesses who require larger quantities.

Future plans include the launch of a marketplace for local surplus materials in 2022 and taking back/collecting sorted cellulose offcuts for fibre-to-fibre recycling into new yarns.

Circular Sourcing sends materials globally and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

sustainable materials – for all

Our mission is to make sustainable and circular raw materials accessible to everyone. From hard-to-find trims, surplus fabrics and biodegradable building blocks – we've got you covered.

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