Hands reach across a table with cut pattern pieces by A.BCH

Why do we share?

Welcome to the Circular Sourcing Learning Hub.

Here we'll be sharing ideas, tips and tricks for how small businesses can engage with and in fact, drive the circular economy.

Locked out by expensive paywalls and high MOQs it can feel like a struggle to maintain sustainable practice and source quality circular materials. That's why we're here to help. 

Hello, I'm Courtney, a brand owner who has pioneered what is means to be a circular fashion label. Now I want to share my learnings with you and help get this economy moving in the right direction, led by passionate individuals and small businesses representing the future of this industry. We all know what will happen if we leave it up to the big players. 

So welcome into the fold, let's collaborate and thrive together.  

All my best,

Courtney Holm

Founder A.BCH + Circular Sourcing

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