Price Increase – Tencel Thread Cones

Price Increase – Tencel Thread Cones

Dear customers, 

Just a quick note to update you on a recent price increase. While we try not to increase prices where ever possible, in this instance all our 100% Tencel threads have had a supplier increase as well as increasing costs of importation. Therefore all our 40 and 60 tex Tencel threads have had a bump in pricing to reflect our most recent delivery. Rest assured, if and when delivery costs come down, we will amend pricing to the lowest possible price.

To help with the transition, for the next two weeks we are offering a 10% discount off of all our Tencel threads - even our wholesale quantities. Simply use the code TENCEL10 to redeem. Of course, if you have any questions at all - we are here to help!

Courtney Holm

Founder A.BCH + Circular Sourcing

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